Classic OroSkin IPL hair removal handset.
Classic OroSkin IPL hair removal handset.
Classic OroSkin IPL hair removal handset.

Classic Best Friends Bundle

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Looking for a great deal? Well you’re in the right place! Grab your Bestie, Sister, Brother, or Mum and get 2 of our Classic OroSkin IPL Hair Removal handsets for 60% off! 

Zap away your unwanted hair and stop any hair growth in its tracks with the Classic OroSkin IPL hair removal handset.

Designed to deliver long-term hair removal with noticeable results in just 4 weeks, full-body treatments are done in 35 minutes, just once per week.

Beautiful. Unique. Effective.

Use it on any body part including the face and bikini area.

You can now achieve long-lasting results at the fraction of the cost of clinical laser hair removal.

The best part is... there are no hidden costs and no refills needed, ever!


It comes with a one-year warranty, lifetime servicing (yeah you heard right, LIFETIME), and access to our dedicated results team. Why all the extras? Because we’re in it with you for the long haul, and we want to ensure you get the most out of this handy little handset for years to come. We know you’re going to love it but if you’re still unsure, just know that it’s backed by our 90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


1. The OroSkin ICE IPL is the most advanced, as it has an Ice Cooling function to draw heat away from the skin, allowing you to use a higher intensity level and reach faster results.

2. The OroSkin ICE IPL has the most power with an energy output of 6-15j/cm2. The OroSkin Classic has an energy output of 1.5-5.5j/cm2.

3. The OroSkin ICE IPL has 999,000 flashes, the OroSkin Classic has 500,000 flashes.

Absolutely! Our handsets use clinical-grade technology that's adapted for safe and effective at-home use. The results are comparable to those of clinical laser treatments and sometimes even better. The main difference lies in a higher initial frequency of use.

We have absolute confidence in providing you with the best at-home IPL Hair Removal Handset in the world.

That’s why we’re proud to offer our day 90-Days, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that you don’t see results, simply return your handset and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.